Product Review : Kiss Beauty Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray

Happy hump day!!!

And happy new month, I hope this month brings you joy and peace. I know I’ve been away for a while and I’m really sorry about. Working an 8-5 job and blogging isn’t easy trust me, coupled with the fact that I’ve been looking for a photographer to work with but the good thing is I think I’ve found one so hopefully I’ll be able to post frequently now. 

Today’s post is about a product I’ve been using lately and it’s the Kiss Beauty Makeup Fix

My First Impression. 

The packaging is alright, nothing too fancy. Its green and leafy prints depicts the main ingredient of the product. 

Sadly I was disappointed with the spray portion of the bottle. It doesn’t come out evenly when sprayed rather it comes out in separate squirts and this is bad cos I want to set my beat face and not drown it!

How I use it. 

I had to pour it out into another bottle with a better spray thingy (l.a girl setting spray). 

When highlighting and contouring, I spray a good portion (3-4 sprays) on my beauty blender. 

I also spray my brushes (2-3 sprays) when applying my eyeshadows and highlighters. This helps to make them stick better, last longer and also make your shimmery colors pop more. 

Then I spray my whole face as soon as I’m done with my makeup to eliminate any cakey look and make my makeup last longer. 

Final thoughts.

I observed that my makeup lasts for a longer time now and it’s still intact! (Even if I cry, which I rarely do)

I was also impressed with the size it came in (220ml) and this simply means it’s gonna last for a while which is very economical (been using it since December ’16) especially in these cash strapped times. 

I have really sensitive skin and I’m skeptical when it comes to trying out new products but this one right here has passed my dermatology test and I can say it’s pretty safe for a drugstore makeup. 

This product goes for Three thousand Naira in the market and probably four thousand from beauty retailers. I would say that it’s totally worth the price and I would rate it 8/10. That’s all for this post and do have a lovely week ahead. 


P.S. You can get this product from @herrlichplanet


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