Happy new year!!!

I know I’m way behind schedule with the felicitaciones (that’s Spanish by the way) and I’m really sorry. I’ve just been so consumed in my 8-5 plus other personal stuff but hopefully I’m gonna be on schedule going forward.

I decided to start this year with an outfit post just because I love dressing up! So what better way to start the year. So you know those oversized jeans you’ve been seeing around, yeah that’s the mom jeans. I can’t begin to emphasize how comfortable these jeans are!!! I mean I don’t have to struggle to get into one, I don’t have to worry about hiding my big tummy and most importantly My mini me has enough room to breathe!!!

I styled my mom jeans with a loose fitting blouse (Yes you can wear two oversized pieces and still slay). The amazing feature of this blouse are the back buttons, it can go from that sister in the church to pyt real quick!

Did anyone notice my glow???!!!


Jeans: M&S Blue harbor (thrifted)

Top: Thrifted

Shoes: New look

Purse: Gift 

Hair: Supreme Afro twists #900

It’s Monday again and the hustle begins so go forth, hustle and Slay baby girl!!! Once again, I wish you all the best of the year 2017!!!!

I call people rich when they are able to meet the requirements of their imaginations- Anonymous 


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