Product Review: Maybelline Super Stay Foundation 

Hey lovelies how’s your week going? You know it just dawned on me that the year is actually over in a bit! Seems like yesterday I was saying “happy new year”. 

One of my great buys this year has to be the Maybelline Superstay Foundation and the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Powder. I kid you not when I say these are part of my Holy grail makeup products. 

First Impression: LOVE at first sight! A make up artist used this foundation on me and as soon as I saw my reflection I knew I had to get it! It is sooo lightweight, controls my facial oils, does not clog my pores and *drum rolls please* minimal transfer!!! *Oh Lord help me*. But there’s just one itsy bitty problem- there’s no pump. It has this wide bottle opening. Sometimes I pour more than I need and I struggle to get it back in without wasting a bit of it. The All in one powder is also amazing. On weekdays I use only the powder when going to work and trust me when I say it is sufficient! It’s also oil control and lightweight. 

How I use them: I use either a foundation brush or a damp beauty blender to apply the foundation. Usually I apply just one coat but if I’m going for the over-the-top glam look I apply a second layer. When using the powder with the foundation I use a powder brush to apply but if I’m applying it alone I use a powder puff. 

Final Impressions: I’m so impressed with these products and I’m definitely going to make a second, third and fourth purchase. Like every other foundation your face will get oily after a while but I observed that with this product it’s very minimal (and I have an oily skin) and as the name implies it lasts for a pretty long time without touch ups. 

The Maybelline Super Stay foundation costs about 4,500-5,000 right now because of the dollar situation (it used to be cheaper) and the All in One powder goes for about 2,000-3,000 now. For the work it does I’d say it’s totally worth it.

What’s your go to foundation and what makes it your fav? Share in the comments section below. 


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