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A couple of months ago I was chatting with a friend and she was showing some pictures of a blogger and told me most of her stuff were Thrifted. At that moment I didn’t really know what thrifting was. So I went over to her blog and she had a post on it. That was when I realized that Thrifting is actually Bend down select!!! Let’s face it, at least 90% of females at some point have Thrifted some item. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re broke because no matter how much money you have it’s never going to be enough, so why spend it all on something you can get for a cheaper price!

So basically there’s no standard thrifting measurement, but I’m going to give you a few tips you’ll need to be able to get good buy when you go thrifting.

  1. Patience. You might have to walk for hours, look through piles, try on tons of clothes,  before you find something worth buying
  2. Try on. Always try on the clothes before buying them except you’re going for the larger sizes, you can eyeball those ones. The worst thing other than buying what you don’t like is buying what you like and it doesn’t fit!
  3. Have a list. This is to help you stay focused, so you don’t spend unnecessary money buying things you don’t need and then end up not getting what you came to the market for. Also it saves you a lot of energy, you don’t have to tour the whole market!
  4. Pay attention to details. Because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you can just get it, you have to really look out for the little things like stains, loose buttons, broken zips etc. Sometimes they can be amended without stress, other times not. So take note. You should also look out for the quality of the item you want to buy. 
  5. Brand name. A lot of people ask “what make” like it makes a difference. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s a popular brand and it’s a good buy then by all means put it in your cart! But that shouldn’t stop you from getting something amazing with the perfect fit, even if it’s not a popular brand.
  6. Timing. The best days to go thrift shopping is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is when the “importers” open their stock. It is also recommended to go in the morning or in the evening.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope these tips are helpful to you on your next thrift day. Cheers!!! 



  1. Lol I love thrifting…. Like I have a thrift store so why not? Very important tips but I actually hate going thrifting on market days because the rush is annoying, I like to take my time and check well. Lol. Lovely post


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