Morning rides 

Hey y’all! Hope we all had a restful weekend, I didn’t tho. I was stuck in the Lagos-Ibadan express way traffic and trust me when I saw it was bloody!!! 😨

But anyways today I’m here to tell you how my first morning jog experience was 😁. So I set out by 5 am, I was so scared cos this is Lagos mehn!!! You gats shine your eye well well! So as I started I kept chanting “Blood of Jesus Blood of Jesus” looool. I did 4 laps of jogging and 4 of walking (we’re taking baby steps) and a couple of squats (I loooove my booty). I’m also cutting down my sugar and carbohydrates intake so all I had today was white beans and vegetables (ugwu) and fruits.  

My body aches all over but my inner mind is grinning from ear to ear cos I can’t wait to start seeing results 😁

Gotta go now. Have a blessed week ✌🏽. Ciao 

❤️ Uzzymami ❤️

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