At long last!!! *Whew*

I stayed up all night thinking of what my first blog post would be and so many papers landed in my bin. During the week I’m an early sleeper but last night I was too excited to even shut my eyes!! It felt like I was finally doing something right and that feeling was good *drooling*

I have been wanting to show people the stuff I do and how I do them, basically fashion and beauty wise but I never really knew how to go about it until I came across a  blogger on Instagram (@thesvnflwr) please check her out. She inspired me to start this blog.

My Kick-ass Moves!!!

I’d be blogging mostly about DIYs, How Tos, Weight Loss, Health and many other random topics like reviews, current affairs, and really random stuff. This isn’t a strictly female or youngies *I hope you understand what that means* blog. its for everyone! from ladies who want to slay on a budget to ladies who love the lavish lifestyle, to mummies that want to keep fit and look trendy *and healthy too* guy talk and the list goes on and on and on….

So stick around for MY KISS-ASS MOVES!!! Ciao 😀


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